Students/residents must immediately notify their supervisor or Site Director/Administrator/AreaManager of perceived safety concerns. The hospital education lead or designate will review all concerns brought forth and take steps to minimize future risk.

After Hours in Isolated Parts of the Hospital/Building

Students and residents are not expected to work alone or without adequate supervision in after-hours clinics. In the hospital, a student/resident will have access to protective services/security to enter isolated areas. Students and residents are not required to see patients alone in a clinic or in other settings not appropriately supervised.

Patient Transfers

If feeling uncomfortable in a patient transfer situation and if there is no supervisor available to accompany them, a resident may decline to go on the patient transfer. Residents should only be asked to transfer a patient by any means as the “most responsible physician” if the supervisor and resident agree that s/he is competent to manage that patient.

Escorts Out of Hospital

Students and residents may request a Security escort from the hospital to:

  • any hospital parking lot (main parking deck or across the bridge, West Lot)
  • the TTC stop in front of the Emergency Department

To contact Security, call 6049 or locating at 6002

Depending on availability of Security, there may be a delay in response.