North York Navigator and Patient Digital Identity

Download the North York Navigator 

North York General Hospital (NYGH), together with North York Toronto Health Partners (NYTHP) has launched a mobile application (app) called the North York Navigator, which creates a single ‘digital front door’ for patients and caregivers to seamlessly access hospital and health care services through the convenience of their personal devices, from wherever they are.  

The app streamlines access to hospital online services, including:  

  • MyChart - NYGH’s patient portal that provides patients access to their online medical record including lab results and clinic notes. You can register for MyChart with the Ontario trusted account Fast-Pass to get access to your health record faster.

  • PocketHealth – a digital platform that allows patients access to their high-quality diagnostic images and share them with other healthcare providers.
  • SeamlessMD – A real-time digital platform that provides enrolled surgical patients with a step-by-step guide to the patient’s recovery journey, including pre-operative risk assessments and post-operative symptom reporting.

Two ways you can download the app: 

Download on the Apple App Store

Download on Google Play

Patient Digital Identity

The app is part of a broader digital health initiative called the Ontario trusted account, a provincial digital health service that can help people seamlessly access and control personal health information and services through a single secure online log-in. Over time, more online services will become available through the Ontario trusted account.