Medical Imaging


Medical radiation technologists (MRTs)

MRTs with specialized clinical skills work in three different disciplines:

  • Magnetic resonance technologists produce diagnostic images with equipment that generates radio waves and a strong magnetic field. Extensive knowledge of anatomy, pathology and physiology allows MRI technologists to obtain images, monitor and care for the patients during scans.

    The Medical Imaging (MI) Department currently has a total of 24 full-time and part-time MRI MRTs at the General site.
  • Nuclear medicine technologists have technical expertise in the use of radiopharmaceuticals and radiation physics, allowing them to perform diagnostic imaging procedures with sophisticates technology. Their use of exceptional quality assurance techniques provides for patient safety.

    MI currently has a total of 14 full-time and part-time nuclear medicine MRTs across the General site and the Branson Ambulatory Care Centre.
  • Radiological technologists produce images of body parts and systems by performing exams in general X-ray, angiography/interventional radiography, CT, breast imaging, and operating room procedures. They are expert in the operation of complex medical radiation equipment, while providing comprehensive, compassionate care to each patient.

    The Medical Imaging Department currently has a total of 59 full-time and part-time radiography MRTs across the General and Branson sites.


  • Sonographers

MI currently has 20 full-time and part-time sonographers across the General and the Branson sites.

Education program

  • MRI and MRT students start their 10-week clinical rotation at North York General Hospital in September and finish in May of the following year. MRI accepts MRI MRT students from The Michener Institute (Michener) and has accepted students from the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT).
  • Currently, Nuclear Medicine only takes Michener students who are learning to perform bone mineral densitometry examinations. This is a one-day placement.
  • MI accepts Michener first- and third-year MRT students for their clinical placement. The first-year students complete a two-month rotation, May to June. The third-year students complete a three- to six-month rotation from September to April. We accept two first-year students and two third-year students at a time.
  • MI accepts one sonography student from Michener. Their first semester starts in September and ends in December. This student may also be placed at NYGH for their second semester from January to March the following year. The student may choose to complete their second semester at another site or we may be requested to take a second semester student from another site if that site does not perform obstetrical sonography.