Dealing with Threatening, Concerning or Unprofessional Behaviour

If you are concerned about immediate or impending harm to yourself or someone else, please seek immediate assistance from onsite security (6049, or locating at 6002) or other authorities. If there is no onsite security, call 911.

After you have dealt with any immediate concerns, we encourage you to consider addressing the issue you experienced using the flowchart below.

For Medical Students

Guidelines for dealing with student mistreatment: Dealing with threatening, concerning, or unprofessional behaviour.

For a major concern, please make a report using the incident report form or email/contact one of the following UME leaders:

  • The Academy Director
  • The Course Director
  • Preclerkship or Clerkship Director
  • The Associate Dean, Equity and Professionalism
  • The Associate Dean, Student Affairs
  • The Faculty Lead, Ethics and Professionalism

For hospital-based concerns, this may include:

For Residents

For hospital-based concerns, contact any of the following:

Links to Policies and Procedures

For All Students

Contact one of the following hospital leaders: 

Hospital Policies