COVID-19 Updates

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Letter from Samuel Elfassy, Board Chair, North York General Hospital

First responders run towards the problem and help others. With an infection, it is the collaborative response of us all that makes the difference. Our government will provide the necessary institutional responses, but that pales compared to the response we collectively can supply.

We are all first responders now.

You will see full page ads within various news publications asking others to support North York General tackling COVID-19. 

While the devastating effects of COVID-19 on our community and their families are not fully known yet, I do know that pandemics are a breeding ground for exacerbating existing and creating new issues. On a good day, philanthropy plays a critical role in supporting NYGH, but that role is even more critical right now.  I am so proud of our nurses, doctors, social workers, pathologists, porters, cleaners and countless others the hospital over, who care for our community.

In my role as the Hospital Board Chair, it is an honour to support our community coming together to help those on the front line.  NYGH will respond better and recover more quickly because we are coordinating our philanthropic response.  Thank you for making a world of difference in our community.


COVID-19 Assessment Centre

Before coming to North York General's Assessment Centre, please do a pre-assessment by calling Telehealth Ontario (1-866-797-0000) or by using the Toronto COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool.

As we continue to monitor for novel coronavirus (COVID-19) cases globally and the number of people affected by the virus in Ontario and Canada increases, the Ministry of Health has implemented enhanced measures to protect the public by opening COVID-19 screening and assessment centres.

In an effort to build community capacity and to respond to individuals experiencing possible symptoms of COVID-19, the centres will help alleviate pressures in emergency departments to care for our most vulnerable patients who require acute care hospital services.

The NYGH COVID-19 Screening and Assessment Centre is located outside our Charlotte & Lewis Steinberg Emergency Department (ED) at our General site.

The Assessment centre is from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., seven days a week.

Patients will be screened for travel, contact history and symptoms upon arrival to the ED and if appropriate will be directed to the Assessment Centre through a separate entrance.

Only patients who meet certain criteria will be tested for COVID-19. The test is similar to that of other respiratory illnesses and involves taking a sample from the back of the nasal cavity with a swab.