Palliative Care Physicians

Valerie C.
Dr. Valerie Caraiscos
Palliative care means compassion and empathy. It encompasses pain and symptom relief and psychosocial support delivered in a patient- and family-centred manner to provide high quality care.
Amanda Rosenblum
Dr. Amanda Rosenblum
Palliative care is person-centered care that aims to relieve suffering for someone living with a serious illness


Amit A.
Dr. Amit Arya
Palliative care encapsulates the physical, social spiritual and psychological domains of patients’ and families’ experiences. It emphasizes quality of life and freedom from suffering.
Dr. Cohen

Dr. Tziporah Cohen  Psychiatrist
Palliative care is compassion, dignity, and the alleviation of suffering.


Daphna Grossman

Dr. Daphna Grossman 
Palliative care is surrounding patients and families with a compassionate community providing holistic care.


Nina H.

Dr. Nina Horvath 
Palliative care is listening and bearing witness.


Desmond Leung

Dr. Desmond Leung 
In palliative care, it is an honour to bear witness.


Niren Shetty

Dr. Niren Shetty
Palliative care is care of an individual with a life-limiting or life-threatening illness that prioritizes comfort and quality of life. Various aspects of palliative care can, and should be, addressed by any member of the health care team, but also by family, friends and the entire community.
Sandy Buchman
Dr. Sandy Buchman, Medical Director & Freeman Family Chair in Palliative Care
"Palliative care is ​​​​a holistic, inter-professional approach to health care for those experiencing life-limiting illness. It focuses on alleviating human suffering in all its domains - physical, psychosocial & spiritual - for patients and their loved ones with dignity and compassion."