Geriatric Mental Health

Our hospital serves one of the largest populations of seniors in Canada and we have developed a subspecialty in geriatric psychiatry. We offer comprensive mental health services to address the unique needs of older adults that includes:

  • Geriatric Psychiatry Inpatient Program
  • Geriatric Outpatient Services
  • Geriatric Outpatient Outreach Team

Geriatric Psychiatry Inpatient Program

North York General Hospital's Geriatric Psychiatry Inpatient Program (GPP) provides a multidisciplinary approach to specialized geriatric mental health care. The program offers intensive assessment, treatment and stabilization. The 10-bed inpatient unit is specially designed to accommodate geriatric patients who may have decreased mobility and require walkers or support bars. We recognize the important role family members and caregivers play in patients' lives. We strongly encourage family participation in their loved ones care during the patient's stay.

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North York General Hospital, General site
4001 Leslie Street,7th floor
Toronto ON M2K 1E1
Tel: 416-756-6642

Geriatric Outpatient Services

North York General Hospital's Geriatric Mental Health outpatient services are linked to services offered by our Mental Health Program, as well as other hospital programs. The Specialized Geriatric Services under our Medicine and Elder Care Progam, help seniors in our community maintain their sense of dignity and independence through improved health and quality of life. Specialized Geriatric Services are offered at the Seniors' Health Centre. The Seniors' Health Centre is part of the Regional Geriatric Program of Metropolitan Toronto, an umbrella organization that plans and coordinates specialized geriatric services.

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Location: Seniors' Health Centre
Tel: 416-756-6642 or 416-756-6050 ext 8091

Geriatric Mental Health Outreach Team

North York General Hospital'sGeriatric Mental Health Outreach Team supports clients living in long-term care homes in North York. A case manager and part-time psychiatrist provide assessment, treatment planning, behavioural interventions, placement coordination and education.

To make or obtain a referral, contact the Seniors' Health Centre's Central Intake at 416-756-6642.

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Seniors' Health Centre
2 Buchan Court
Toronto ON M2J 5A3
Tel: 416-756-6642 or 416-756-6050 ext 8091.