Addiction Program

The Addiction Program provides service to patients who have problems with alcohol, street or prescription drugs, or addictive behaviours such as compulsive gambling. Individuals who are stable in methadone maintenance programs under supervision of a methadone physician are welcome into any part of the Addiction Program.

We offer the following services and programs that are described below:

  • Addiction Nurse Consultant
  • Chemical Withdrawal Management Program
  • Core Day Program
  • Group Education Program
  • Harm Reduction Program
  • Health Professional Recovery Program
  • Youth Substance Use Program

Programs and services offered:

Addiction Nurse Consultant

An Addiction Nurse Consultant (a registered nurse) provides consultations, assessment and referral for patients identified by staff in the medical, psychiatric, surgical, obstetric, family practice, family health team and emergency department. 

Chemical Withdrawal Management Program

The Chemical Withdrawal Management Program provides medical day detox supervision on an outpatient basis. This program is staffed by a physician and nurses. Specific criteria must be met prior to treatment. Call 416-756-6642 for more information.

Core Day Program

North York General Hospital's Core Day Program is a 10-week abstinence-based outpatient program for individuals who choose total abstinence from all mood-altering substances. It includes intake assessment, group therapy with group psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioural based relapse prevention, goal setting, stress management and addiction education. Individual therapy is also available if needed. Continued aftercare is offered once a week to those who complete this program.

Group Education Program

North York General Hospital's Group Educational Program provides psychology education sessions to family members of adolescents and young adults (16 to 24 years old) with substance use issues. There is no cost to join this program but registration is required. To register, please contact 416-635-2582 or 416-635-2581.

Harm Reduction Program

The Harm Reduction/ Contemplative Day Program is an open-ended program addressing the needs of individuals whose goals are to cut down or reduce their use of substances or addictive behaviours. Individuals who take part in this outpatient program may choose to meet once or twice per week.

Health Professional Recovery Program

The Health Professional Recovery Program provides services that address both personal and professional needs during recovery. Specialized recovery programs include:

  • Women's Clinic
  • Family Education Programs
  • Smoking Cessation Reduction

The Health Professional Recovery Program health care team: • physicians • nurses • pharmacists • dentists

For additional information, or to schedule an appointment, call the Intake Office at 416-756-6642. Self-referrals are welcome, as are referrals from physicians or other health professionals.

Youth Substance Use Program

The Transitional Aged Youth Substance Use Program provides specialized, outpatient counseling to youth and young adults between the ages of 16 to 24, who are concerned about the impact of their substance use to their lives. Assessment, counseling and/or referral to appropriate services are available for individuals and their families. The program aims to help patients reduce harm or become abstinence, treatment options can be tailored to the individual.


  • Self referrals
  • Physicians referrals
  • Mental health agencies referrals
  • Community services referrals