Patient and Family Advisor Program

At North York General Hospital, we pride ourselves on putting patients first in everything we do. One way our hospital accomplishes this is through Patient- and Family-Centred Care (PFCC) — an approach to the planning, delivery and evaluation of health care that is grounded in mutually beneficial partnerships among patients, families and health care providers.

Since 2012, our Patient and Family Advisor (PFA) program has played a key role in facilitating the practice of collaborative partnerships among our patients, family members, and staff and ensures that the patient perspective is reflected in the way our hospital delivers quality care. 

Who are Patient and Family Advisors?

As volunteers, Patient and Family Advisors are former patients and/or family members of patients within the past two years who provide important perspectives that have a direct impact across a wide range of hospital initiatives, programs, projects, services, and policies. Their work in partnership with the hospital supports the creation of a truly patient- and family-centred care environment and experience for everyone. 

What do Patient and Family Advisors do?

Our advisors are involved in a wide range of short to long-term hospital committees, projects, and initiatives from those at the organizational level to unit specific. They are placed in opportunities that best match their interests, experiences, and availabilities. Examples of work include:

  • Sharing your patient story at a meeting and/or event (e.g. New Employee Orientation) to build empathy and understanding about the patient experience. 
  • Advocating for the patient perspective on hospital committees (e.g. Quality of Care).
  • Reviewing patient materials for different hospital programs (e.g. seniors' care and palliative care).
  • Collaborating on quality improvement initiatives to standardize and improve the patient experience (e.g. preparation for an ultrasound).
  • Participating on the Research Ethics Board and working with researchers to ensure consent forms for studies are written in a patient-centred manner.
  • Helping to improve the flow and design of hospital areas (e.g. improving the emergency department through participating in a multiday simulation event).
  • Supporting the Accreditation process of the hospital. 
  • Offering the patient perspective in capital redesign and renovation projects.
  • Participating in the hiring of managers, directors, physician chiefs, and research chairs.

Becoming a Patient and Family Advisor

Due to the pandemic, we are currently not accepting volunteer applications. Kindly monitor this page for volunteer recruitment updates. Thank you for your interest and patience!