Assessment Room

Birth and parenting occur with greater ease, comfort and health when women and their supporters enter into their new roles with increased knowledge.

When should I come to the Assessment Room (Room 2S-177)?
  • If you feel you are having regular contractions
  • If you are bleeding from the vagina heavier than a period
  • If you cannot contact your health care provider for any reason and you are concerned about yourself or the baby
  • If your health care provider tells you to come to the hospital
  • If your water breaks
  • If your baby is not moving properly
  • If you are cramping or your water breaks and you are booked for a c-section, do not eat or drink until you have been seen in the Assessment Room

Note: Pinkish mucous discharge "show" may indicate that labour will start soon. However, "show" sometimes occurs a few days before labour begins. You may also experience some "bloody show" following a vaginal examination by your health care provider. It is not necessary to call your health care provider or come to the hospital at this stage if this is your only symptom.

The nurses can not give you advice over the phone and will ask you to come to the Assessment Room for any of your concerns.
Health care provider
The assessment room is for urgent obstetrical concerns. If you have a minor issue or something not related to pregnancy, you can see your family practitioner.

What will happen when I arrive at the hospital?

  • Come directly to Labour and Delivery on the second floor (Follow the signs to the Birthing Centre).
  • Check in at the front desk of the main nursing station.
  • You will be directed to our Assessment area where a preliminary check will be done. At this time a nurse, a doctor or your midwife will decide with you, whether or not you will be admitted to the hospital at this time or you will return home.

If I go back home, when should I return to the hospital?
  • Before going back home, the doctor, nurse or midwife will discuss when you should return to the hospital.
  • If you have a concern about yourself or your baby, please return to the Assessment Room at any time.
  • There is no limit to the number of times you may visit the Assessment Room.

What should I bring when I come to the hospital?

  • Bring your labour kit and suitcase to the hospital. Please leave them in the car; you will not need them in the Assessment Room. They can be picked up later, once you are admitted to a birthing suite.

How will I know if I am in pre-term labour?

  • Fetal fibronectin is a test for women between 24 and 34 weeks with symptoms of possible pre-term labour.
  • This test is done by taking a swab during a speculum vaginal examination.
  • This test can not be done if you are bleeding, leaking water, dilated beyond 3 cm or had intercourse or a vaginal exam within the last 24 hours.
  • If the fetal fibronectin test is negative it is highly unlikely that you will deliver in the next 7 to 10 days.
  • This test may prevent unnecessary admission to the hospital or unnecessary maternal transfer to high risk.