7th and 8th Floors

Construction is complete for North York General Hospital's new two-floored, acute care unit for Neuro/Stroke. Beginning March 21, 2017, 4N will move to 7SE and 8SE starting with non-essentials. The following day patients will be moved to the new unit.

Check back for the grand opening of both floors with before and after pictures of the new redesigned spaces.

Updated February 23, 2017
Learn more about the 7th and 8th floor construction from our 2015 update:

The redevelopment of the 7th and 8th floors will deliver a new medical inpatient unit that will provide additional isolation room capacity, relieve wait time pressures in the Emergency Department, improve quality of patient care and provide a better working environment for staff. It will also be the future home of the Steinberg Family Acute Care Unit.
7th floor, July 24, 2015
7th floor, July 24, 2015
7th floor redevelopment
7th floor, October 9, 2015