ADVANCE Care through Teaching and Learning

Our ADVANCE pillar will help us achieve our vision by:
  • Enhancing academic programs to aid our education of future health care professionals
  • Supporting life-long learning and scholarship so our people can continually enhance their skills and knowledge
To achieve these goals by 2018, we will:

1.  Enhance our People Plan to support our academic mandate by:
  • Revising hiring/recruitment tools, job descriptions, and performance management tools
  • Exploring program funding to enhance staff and physician academic initiatives
2.  Enhance our simulation program by:
  • Identifying and developing an appropriate space for simulation activities
  • Expanding our simulation programming to support clinical education
3.  Initiate the design and planning of a new education space by:
  • Defining space requirements for teaching and learning
  • Identifying space for a new education centre

North York General Hospital is advancing care through teaching and learning.

Whether you are the teacher or the student, everyone benefits from the exchange of knowledge. Learning is a great motivator; teaching is a true gift. This is why we embrace a culture of learning at North York General Hospital; one in which curiosity, enthusiasm and generosity are celebrated.
Dr. Tim Rutledge, President and CEO

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