TRANSFORM Care through Applied Research and Innovation

Our TRANSFORM pillar will help us achieve our vision by:

  • Pursuing research that provides benefits for our patients
  • Spreading community-based innovation beyond our walls and communities
To achieve these goals by 2018, we will:

1.  Establish research chairs to foster research and innovation aligned with our strategy by:

  • Expanding research and innovation that results in tangible patient benefits and enables the spread of innovation
2.  Enhance our research profile, funding and philanthropy by:
  • Collaborating with the North York General Foundation to grow research philanthropy
  • Expanding clinical trials
3.  Continue the planning for the Institute for Health Care Innovation by:
  • Initiating the design and planning for a state-of-the-art research and innovation environment
  • Increasing support for research and innovation activities through the Exploration Fund

North York General Hospital transforms care through applied research and innovation.

This is a time of tremendous opportunity for North York General Hospital. As 80% of hospital care takes place in community hospitals, we are exceptionally well-positioned to test new practices for health care delivery and introduce innovation into the health care system in Ontario.
   Dr. Frank Sullivan, Gordon F. Cheesbrough Research Chair in Family and Community Medicine

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