DELIVER High Quality, Safe and Accessible Care

Our DELIVER pillar will help us achieve our vision by:

  • Improving access and quality of patient care within and beyond the hospital's walls
  • Supporting patients as they transition between the hospital, their family physician and community
To achieve these goals by 2018, we will:

1.  Excel as leaders in improving access to timely care for our patients by:
  • Refreshing our access to care strategy, including the development and implementation of a robust three-year project plan with clear targets
  • Addressing alternate level of care challenges in partnership with the Community Care Access Centres, rehabilitation and non-profit agencies, and social service providers
  • Strengthening existing partnerships to enhance access to specialized acute care services for our patients
2.  Advance our culture of quality and safety by:
  • Maturing our hospital's risk management program through engagement with our staff, physicians and volunteers
  • Implementing our Integrated Quality and Safety Framework
3.  Institute an accountability framework for patient outcomes across the transitions of care by:
  • Collaborating with system partners on an integrated quality framework to measure patient outcomes
4.  Enhance quality, safety and accessibility of care for the elderly by:
  • Evolving care of the elderly through interprofessional education, integrated programing and better coordination

Our patients come first

Our patients come first in everything we do and providing patients with the right care, at the right time, in the right place is a top priority at NYGH.
   Dr. Tim Rutledge, President and CEO

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