Family Medicine Obstetrics

North York General Hospital's family physicians have been delivering babies here since 1968. Affiliated with the University of Toronto, all of our physicians are engaged in providing and teaching the art of low risk obstetrics.

Our approach to childbirth involves using only necessary interventions to achieve a healthy and natural pregnancy and birth. Our physicians guide patients through the natural process of birth, while providing the skills and expertise to deal with emergencies that can arise. This is what we call low-tech, high-touch care.

Our physicians are part of an interprofessional, interdisciplinary team that includes nurses, anaesthesiologists, obstetricians, social workers, and lactation consultants. We also work with your primary care provider/family doctor to ensure that comprehensive care for you and your baby is provided before, during, and after your pregnancy.

Referrals are welcome. To book an appointment with one of our Family Practice Obstetrics providers, have your family doctor fax a consult to any of the physicians on our Family Medicine Obstetrics List.