Executive Compensation Overview

North York General Hospital has a comprehensive executive compensation program which is supported by an executive talent management and performance planning approach.

Performance Assessment Components:

Talent Management Assessment

In 2008 North York General implemented the Ontario Hospital Association (OHA) Talent Management Program.  This program has been in place since then and includes an annual assessment of the senior team members' demonstration of executive leadership competencies.

Performance-Based Plan

As a result of the Excellent Care For All Act, a performance-based plan was implemented effective April 1, 2011 for the Senior Leadership Team based on the following target measures:
  • Quality Improvement Plan Targets
  • Organizational Achievement of a Balanced Budget
  • Specific Individual Leadership Evaluation Manager (LEM) Goal Attainment
  • Individual Talent Management Assessment

Quality Improvement Plan

Executive Compensation Quality Improvement Plan:

For each of our executives, a percentage of compensation is linked to achievement of performance targets. The Quality Improvement Performance targets along with other metrics, will be used to determine the magnitude of the performance allocation.

The following roles in our Senior Leadership Team are included in this process:

President & CEO: 10%                                  
Vice Presidents: 5% 

Components of Compensation Program




Vice Presidents

Compensation(Base Annual Salary)

(Reported Annually on  Salary Disclosure)

Compensation is determined through metrics and an external compensation review.

Dr. Tim Rutledge:

Jennifer Bowman: $213,348

Cliff Harvey

Dr. Donna McRitchie: $275,342

Karyn Popovich: $205,000

Compensation At Risk:
Performance Based Plan
5% to 10% of base annual salary

Members of the executive team have a percentage of their compensation at risk which is held and measured against achievement of goals and objectives.



Automobile Allowance

An annual allowance is provided to full-time executive roles to offset the costs of business related transportation.



Severance Terms

Severance is only provided upon termination to mitigate financial loss until another position can be found.
There is no voluntary resignation allowance or retirement allowance provided.

Executive Benefits

Executive Benefits include extended health, dental and long- term disability. There is no flexible benefit allowance (wellness benefit) offered to executive team members.


A parking spot can be designated with a monthly fee payable by the senior leader.

RRSP Contributions

No senior leader has any type of retirement assistance built into their executive contract.