Reactivation Unit

This inpatient unit provides care to patients who are no longer acutely ill and no longer formally require acute hospital services. Discharge planning continues on this unit with the patient, family and interprofessional team with the goal to return patients to their home environment or most appropriate discharge destination.

This is a transitional unit for patients waiting to go to their most appropriate discharge destination as determined by their families and the health care team.

The patients on 5 West enjoy a social model of care (they dine in the dining room, dress in their personal clothing) to help with the transition to their discharge destination.

Care is provided by an interprofessional team including: nurses, physicians, occupational therapists and assistants, physiotherapists and assistants, recreation therapists, social workers, speech language pathologists, clinical dietitians, and chaplains.
The team is supported by a clinical team manager, clinical nurse educator, and additional support services such as Environmental Services.