Total Joint Assessment Centre

Branson Ambulatory Care Centre
The Total Joint Assessment Centre (TJAC) at the Branson Ambulatory Care Centre is reducing the time patients wait for hip and knee replacement. The centre provides patients with an early consultation for assessment and diagnosis.

TJAC is an innovative hospital partnership between orthopaedic surgeons at Markham Stouffville Hospital and North York General Hospital.

Enhancing the patient experience

A patient should receive an appointment with TJAC within two weeks of the referral. On the first visit, a patient is assessed by a clinician — an experienced orthopaedic nurse or physiotherapist.

A comprehensive assessment includes physical, social and lifestyle status. Patients identified as surgical candidates will move on to see an orthopaedic surgeon at a second visit to finalize the decision. This second appointment should be within another two to three weeks.

Options to reduce wait times

Patients assessed at the centre as being candidates for surgery will have options that can reduce their wait time. They may choose surgery with the surgeon of their choice at the hospital of their choice, or with the first available surgeon at either of the two hospitals.

If the assessment determines a patient is either not ready or unwilling to consider surgery, a plan of care will be developed to help the patient and primary care physician manage their condition (e.g. pain control, weight management) to maintain or improve their level of functioning and overall health status.

From a patient's perspective, other factors can affect their willingness to have surgery, such as living circumstances, employment status, age, other health conditions and social support structures.

Go to the TJAC website for more information.

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Total Joint Assessment Centre
North York General Hospital, Branson Ambulatory Care Centre
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Tel: 416-635-2415

Referrals to the Total Joint Assessment Centre must be made by a physician or a family doctor.
Access the TJAC Referral form on the TJAC website.