Research and Innovation

Improving the delivery of health care
Approximately 80% of the care delivered in hospitals thoughout Ontario occurs in community hospitals. As a leading community hospital with a long track record of innovation in patient safety and process improvements in serving a diverse community, North York General Hospital (NYGH) is very well positioned to ask vital questions and derive new insights —essentially functioning as a
Infographic of research and innovation at hospitals
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Living Lab" in research that matters to everyone.

There is a vibrant research community at NYGH. Teams of people are engaged in research and a culture is emerging where everyone is empowered to ask questions, solve problems, develop new approaches and disseminate the findings to allow adoption; in short, to innovate.

The Office of Research and Innovation is helping investigators meet potential collaborators, seek funding, manage grants, agreements, and intellectual property, and gain access to the resources to be successful.

The Research Ethics Board at NYGH ensures that research is designed and conducted with the utmost regard for the people who choose to participate in research studies.

Our aspiration is to create an institute for research and innovation to foster the creative efforts of people passionate about improving the delivery of health care. Support for this institute is led by the North York General Foundation.

Our aspiration is to create a Research & Innovation Institute for Excellence in Patient Care at North York General Hospital. Generous support from donors, the North York General Foundation, and NYGH led to the creation of the Exploration Fund, which is now allowing investigators to test promising ideas and compete for research grants from external agencies. Clinical trials are providing patients with alternatives and allowing North York Generalto contribute to improvements in medicine and the delivery of health care.